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Here at BluestarBailBonds.com we offer writers in the Bail Bonds, Legal, Lawyers & Insurance niches an opportunity to contribute content to our website. Content submitted to our website must be of high quality and offer value to our readers.

If you are interested in paying to get a guest post on our website BluestarBailBonds.com that links back to your website / product / service, fill out the form below to get in touch. Guest posting rates on our website start at $50 per post.

Our paid guest posting service is perfect for any site in the niches of; bail bond agents, lawyers, legal (generic) or financial services.

The overarching goal of writing any guest post is to convert on-site readers into paying customers. Once these individuals have been lured to content pages, the right information will both educate them and incite action. As such, your works need to be captivating, engaging, and capable of addressing common pain points. Following are five guest post writing tips that will help you create riveting and effective content every time.

1. Understand Who You’re Writing For

The best information to share in these posts is always going to be needs-specific. There’s a reason why people’s searches have led them to our site. You need to ascertain what this reason is, and identify the underlying pain point. Ultimately, most readers are looking for solutions to specific problems. Shaping your content to reflect these problems and to provide helpful insights will ensure that you’re actually giving these readers something of value.

Before you start your writing and the necessary research, take some time to think about what people are looking for when visiting. This will move you away from crafting generalized content that can be found just about anywhere online. It will also make it easier to focus your work so that you’re able to provide in-depth information on key topics that go beyond the content supplied by more basic info sources.

2. Determine What Other Platforms Aren’t Talking About

When it comes to bail bonds, there is a lot of very general information already out there. People can easily learn how these products work, what their average costs are, and the benefits that they provide. What they might not be able to access, however, is a detailed list of the steps that go into procuring them. If you write a piece that tells people exactly what to expect from the minute that they call us for help to the hour in which their loved ones are released, you’ll have a piece that stands out from the rest. More importantly, your work as a guest poster will help us stand out as a trustworthy supplier of industry information.

3. Focus On Your Area Of Expertise

As you search for a way to provide needs-specific and in-depth information that trumps the content supplied by general info sources, never move too far away from your area of expertise. There’s a reason why you’re qualified to present us with guest posts and to have your work published on our site and linked back to your own. No matter where your strengths lie, find a strong way to tie them back to the bail bonds industry while still providing valuable and needs-specific information. Guest posting should always be a symbiotic process and this means that it should benefit the hosting site, and the site of the guest poster simultaneously. This way, everyone wins. More importantly, readers get dual benefits by learning more about two separate industries or services that are both capable of alleviating one or more of their pain points.

4. Make The Most Of This Opportunity

Make your content just as high in quality as you would if crafting it for your own web pages. Don’t let minor mistakes such as misspellings our outdated information detract from the overall value that you’re supplying. Consumers tend to be more trusting of information that’s been carefully proofread than they are of work that’s riddled with errors and oversights. Taking the time to clean your content up before sharing it will show the audience that you pay careful attention to the small details. This is what people expect in business and if you can’t exhibit it in your content, then they’ll hardly expect you to follow through in other areas.

5. Break Your Work Up Into Small, Digestible Pieces

You might have a lot that you want to say, especially after you’ve taken the time to carefully tie your niche into your work. To capture and maintain the audience of the modern consumer, however, you want to avoid creating long blocks of unbroken text. Keep in mind that a lot of people will be reading your work on tablets and mobile phones. You can use bullet points and numbered lists to break the work down into digestible pieces. Adding in images and other visuals such as high-quality photographs or infographics is also a great way to appeal to more visual learners. As the value and appeal of online videos increase, you may even want to add in a short video that helps better explain the ideas you’re presenting. Visual resources that are shared on-page can both enhance your work and ensure that people with short attention spans don’t go wandering off to other online locations.

Write for Us – Bail Bonds | Lawyers | Insurance Niche Guest Posts
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