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Having been placed under arrest and charged with a crime, the law dictates that the individual facing these charges should remain in jail. This is unless he or she is capable of “making bail” by paying the money stipulated by the court. Instead of remaining in jail until the trial date, accessing Waco bail bonds will allow the defendant to regain his or her freedom until the court case is completed.

What Exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is essentially an amount of money in property, cash or surety bond that is offered to ensure that an individual attends all mandatory court appearances. The bond enables the arrested individual to be released from jail until the completion of his or her case.

Bail bond is basically a percentage of the bail paid to the agency so the remaining amount can be paid and the individuals can be released from jail to await his or her court date. Each state has its own rules and processes for bail bond; however, in every system the basics are the same.

The sum that is typically paid to the agency is between 10 and 15 percent of the original bail amount. The criminal history of the individual needing bail and the seriousness of the crime largely determine the amount.

For example, a person with federal charges could be required to pay between 15 and 20 percent, while a first-time offender with a lesser offense might only need to pay 10 percent.

Types of Bail Bonds

Included among the most common forms of bail bond are:

• Cash Bail

This type of bail requires the full cash amount to be posted. The funds will remain tied up until the completion of the case.

• Surety

This type of bond is posted via a bail bond agency.

• Property Bond

Courts allow the defendant to use land or personal property as collateral. The assets must be appraised before they are accepted, which takes a long time.

There are also Citation Release, Recognizance Release, Federal Bail Bonds and Immigration Bail Bonds.

Bail Bond Process

This is understood best from the point of view of a defendant. When arrested anywhere in the county, the individual is typically processed at the County Jail. After which, a court hearing is held and a judge decides if he or she will be freed on bail or held until the trial.

If the defendant or his or her loved one is unable to come up with enough funds for the bail, a bail bondsman can step in to help. Specifically, the agency will post the bail amount on the individual’s behalf and charge a non-refundable fee representing 10 or 15 percent of the total bail amount.

It is standard for the bond agency to attach particular terms to the contract. After all, if the client flees or is found in violation of the conditions of his or her bail, the agency stands to lose money. However, if things go as planned, the agency gets their money back after the completion of the trial.

Local Waco Texas Bail Schedule/Bail Amounts

Texas operates differently from other states as it relates to bail schedules, which is basically the structure that stipulates bail amounts for particular crimes. Texas allows each county to create its own schedules instead of all counties having the same one. Local Waco bail schedule are:

• Class A Misdemeanor

These offenses include burglary and unlawful possession of weapons. Bail could range between $1000 and $5000.

• Class B Misdemeanor

These include evasion of arrest, criminal trespass and DUI offences. Bail is usually set at $1000.

• Class C Misdemeanor

This includes gambling, public intoxication and traffic citations; bail amount is capped at $500.

First Degree Felony

Some of the most heinous crimes are included in this category such as aggravated robbery, human trafficking and capital murder. The bail amounts typically range between $30,000 and $ 50,000.

Second Degree Felony

These include robbery, sexual assault, bribery and human trafficking. The bail amount is capped at $30,000.

State Jail Felony

This is a state crime with the sentence ranging between 180 days and two years. Depending on the perceived flight risk, bail can be set between $1000 and $15,000.

Why Choose Bluestar Bail Bonds

If you are ever in need of bail bonds service, there are a number of great reasons to choose Bluestar Bail Bonds. These include:

• We have been ranked by our peers as number one among bail bond agencies countrywide.

• Our Level of Experience and Track Record for Excellence Span More Than 20 Years

It will be hard to find a company that has a better track record than ours.

• Accessibility

Our agents are accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

• Expediency

Our experts endeavor to handle the process as quickly as allowed by the law.

• A Range of Payment Plans is Available

If you do not have bail when needed, don’t worry. Our team will happily work out a suitable financial arrangement with you.

Listing of/Information about the different Courts located in/near Waco Texas

The judicial system in Texas comprises 3 tiers: the district, county and municipal courts. Waco has courthouses for them all and as such, knowing which one is suitable for a specific legal matter is necessary. The information is outlined below:

• Municipal Court

This court is located at 201 West Waco Drive and it has the responsibility of handling ordinance violations and traffic matters.

• McLennan County Court

Located at 215 N 5th Street, this court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, mostly in the Class A and Class B categories. Essentially, these misdemeanors do not have sentences that go beyond 2 years.

• Texas Western District Court

The District Court is located at 800 Franklin Avenue, Waco, Texas. It largely concentrates on felony cases.

Jails Located in or Near Waco, Texas

• Jack Harwell Detention Center 3101 Marlin Highway
• McLennan County Jail 3201 E State Highway 6

Information about How to Track and Send Money to Local Inmates in the Waco Jail System

Sending some money to your a loved one in jail could make his or her life a bit more bearable. You can do this by:

• Dropping off the funds in person

There are self-serve kiosks located in the lobby of prisons that accept both credit/debit cards and cash. Ensure you have a valid ID in case you need to swipe it while the funds are being deposited.

• Send Money via Mail

Even though this takes a longer time than other means, it is ideal for individuals who do not live close to the facility and do not have credit cards or debit cards. It is important to point out that you will be mailing a money order and not cash. This should be made out the name of the inmate and sent to the facility.

• Trust Fund Service

The Trust Fund Service allows you to make a direct deposit into the commissary account of an inmate. The funds can be used just like cash to buy a variety of items at the commissary.

Listing of police departments located in Waco, Texas

• Waco Police Department 3115 Pine Ave
• McLennan Community College (MCC) Police Department

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