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Suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty, but courts are sometimes wary that they might flee. Many are held in jail while the legal proceeding rolls on. This can take a long while, from a few months to several years, depending on the case.

Temporary freedom may be granted by posting bail. The amount required will depend on the severity of the crime and the risk of flight. There is a great deal of variance from one case to another because of extenuating circumstances. If paying a high bail amount is not feasible, then the accused may opt to get San Antonio bail bonds instead.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond guarantees the appearance of the defendant in court whenever needed throughout the legal proceeding. With this in place, freedom may be granted such that the individual can better prepare his defense and continue to enjoy a normal life. A bail bondsman will take on the responsibility of ensuring compliance in exchange for a small fee.

Bail bonds require a down payment which essentially acts as the service fee. Proof of identity, residency, and payment must be submitted. A collateral may also be necessary depending on the bail amount. The bondsman will use this collateral to pay for the bail in case the suspect flees. Once all the requirements are in, the bail bond papers will be given to facilitate the early release.

Types of Bail Bonds

Citation Release

This is the best and most common form of bail bond. It is an instrument that is usually applied in minor cases such as traffic violations. Those who get a traffic ticket do not have to be taken into custody for what they did. The arresting officer merely provides them with a citation that compels these individuals to appear in court on a given date. Only the arresting officer has the power to give a citation bond. The violators cannot apply for it even if they want to.

Surety Bond

This is another widely used bail bond and is often the default offer among bondsmen. If you work with these companies, then the mechanics of surety bond will probably be explained first before any other option is explored. The biggest advantage of this solution is that defendants will only need to pay a small fraction of the actual bail amount. In most cases, one-tenth will suffice. The bondsman will then post bail on behalf of the defendant and guarantee that he will appear in court as ordered.

Cash Bail

While every type of bail can be paid for in cash, some are specifically set up to accept cash and nothing more. A few of these may also be settled using credit cards and cashier’s checks but these options may not always be available. Defendants should be mindful of the fact that these cannot be refunded until the end of the case. Partial payments are also not permissible, unlike the case for surety bonds. The bail amount must always be paid in full. Despite these limitations, people might still find it useful to hire a bail bondsman to make arrangements.

Recognizance Release

Courts may allow defendants to be released on the strength of personal recognizance. A bail hearing must be scheduled to discuss the appropriateness of this solution. The freedom of the individual rests on the trust that he will come back to the court to attend hearings and other proceedings as deemed necessary. Other requirements may be imposed as seen fit by the presiding judge. It is one of the easiest to acquire for minor offenses. Suspects do not have to pay any money right away. Payment will only be extracted upon failure to show in court as promised.

Property and Immigration Bonds

Property bonds are seldom used because not every state allows it. Properties will also require assessment to determine actual value so issuance can take a few weeks. If granted, then the rights to a property will become collateral. It shows just how serious the defendant is in his promise to honor the legal proceeding.

On the other hand, immigration bonds are special solutions designed for non-citizens who get into trouble with the law. Those who have loved ones who are detained for immigration reasons should get this bond to secure immediate release. The help of an experienced bail bondsman is crucial for success.

Bail Bond Process

For offenses wherein bail is allowable, the judge will evaluate the case and set the bail amount. Defendants can pay this outright for immediate release. If they can’t afford the amount, then they can get a bail bond from a reputable bondsman. Instead of paying 100% of the sum, defendants will only have to shell out around 10% to secure their freedom. The rest of the amount can be covered with collateral to relieve the burden of paying cash. Deeds to property and vehicles are commonly used. Valuable stocks and jewelry may also be accepted.

If no collateral is available, then loved ones can pool money instead. The arrangements are unique in every case so talk to the bondsman for alternatives if the typical options are not applicable. There are surely other solutions that can be applied to settle the bond and secure a release. Bondsmen may also agree to accept something from a client that they would not normally take from others. Negotiate a good deal. Remember that collateral will be returned upon the end of the case. The property will not be seized unless there is a failure to appear in court.

Bail bondsmen will only collect the initial down payment as fee for their services. Collateral is not considered as an additional charge, but merely there for contingency. Be aware that bondsmen have the legal obligation to assist authorities in taking defendants into custody in case they flee or become uncooperative in the court case. In scenarios where the defendant can’t be found, bondsmen will have to pay the full amount indicated on the bail bond. Anyone who co-signed the bond, such as loved ones, may also incur liability. Attending the court hearings is the best way to avoid further trouble.

Local San Antonio Bail Schedule / Bail Amounts

Every crime has a corresponding bail amount as prescribed by state law. There are also specific rules as to when defendants can be released without bail and when bail can be posted if necessary. A bail schedule lists the amounts to be paid for the most common offenses. Persons who are unable to pay the sums stated can ask the judge to lower the amount in a bail hearing. Several factors affect the actual sum set by the court. For more information, ask the professionals at Bluestar Bail Bonds.

Why Choose Bluestar Bail Bonds?

Bluestar Bail Bonds is a trusted name in San Antonio. Our firm has professional agents with commendable experience in securing bail bonds for people from all walks of life. Our services are highly accessible even if you have a tight budget. We are transparent in our dealings. We make it a point to educate our clients about the nature of bail bonds and the responsibilities that go along with them. We present various options, as well as their pros and cons, so that people can make informed decisions. If you need assistance in getting a bail bond, do not hesitate to call our hotline.

Listing of the different Courts located in San Antonio, Texas

– San Antonio Municipal Court
– Bexar County Court House
– San Antonio Immigration Court
– Bexar County Civil District Court
– US Bankruptcy Court Clerk

Listing of Jails located in San Antonio

– Bexar County Adult Detention Center
– Central Texas Detention Facility
– Fabian Dale Dominguez State Jail
– Bexar County Krier Correctional
– Bexar Juvenile Detention Center

Information about How to Track and Send Money to Local Inmates in the San Antonio Jail System

Money can be helpful to inmates while they are in jail. If you are planning to send some, then be sure to hand over the check, cash, or money order to the OIC of the detention center. You can also make a deposit to the inmate’s bank account or send checks via mail. Of course, you can always send a care package as long as it adheres to the guidelines. Allowed items include food, personal hygiene products, clothing, and headphones.

It is important to locate the specific jail where the inmate is detained. Ask for their specific process with regards to money and packages as it can vary. Indicate the necessary information such as name, booking number, and so on to ensure that these valuable items reach the intended recipient. You may start with a small amount and gradually increase as you grow more confident in the process.

Listing of the different police departments located in San Antonio, Texas

– San Antonio Police Department Central Substatic
– San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters
– San Antonio Airport Police Department
– Alamo Heights Police Department
– SAPD Central Patrol Substation

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