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Phoenix Bail Bonds

The city of Phoenix has plenty of options when it comes to bail bonds. We at Bluestar Bail Bonds feel like we offer some of the best Phoenix Bail Bonds solutions in the area.

Currently, we handle plenty of different situations people find themselves in not only in Phoenix, but all over the United States. We feel that it is important for all of the clients we work with to be knowledgeable on bail bonds in order to be as protected as possible.

What exactly is a bail bond?

When a person is arrested and thrown in jail, they face the possibility of having to stay there until their scheduled court date. in some cases, a judge will let a person go, but posting bail is another way to get out of jail for the time being.

In order to be released on bail, a person needs money. That is where a bail bond can come in. A bail bond company has the ability to provide money now based on collateral, repayment plans and more in the future.

Technically speaking, a bail bond is a specific type of surety bond. It properly secures a defendant’s release from jail. Not all surety bonds are bail bonds, but all bail bonds are surety bonds.

Types of Bail Bonds

– Criminal Bail Bond

This is a bond for those people in the middle of a criminal case, and it is used to guarantee that a defendant will be there when the trial takes place. It also guarantees that all payments of fines and penalties that are given to the defendant are paid off in their entirety.

– Civil Bail Bond

With a civil bail bond, this is only going to be for civil cases in the court of law. This makes sure that a person pays off their debt. It also includes any additional interest and costs the defendant faces when everything is completed.

Bail Bond Process

In the beginning, the judge will set a bail amount. A lot of times, a person is unable to pay the bail amount without assistance. This is when the bail bond process begins. In most cases, a person is still going to pay about 10% of the bond, but the bondsman will be able to cover the rest.

In order to secure the rest of the bail, collateral is collected. This collateral can be provided by an individual, or family member. Friends can also help out with the collateral.

This is all done to ensure that a person appears in court when they are scheduled to do so. If a defendant does not appear in court, the bail bond is forfeited. The court will then require the other 90% of the bond to be paid. The collateral that was collected will be used to pay for some or all of this.

If a defendant does show up to court, the bail bond is not ultimately put to use. The collateral that was put up for protection is returned to the owner. Bondsman still make their money on the percentage cash fee, which is usually right around 10%.

When looking around for a bail bondsman like us, it is important to know that a lot of general surety companies do not actually write bail bonds. It is a risky bond compared to others out there. The company is taking full responsibility for the full bond penalty. That is why fees and collateral are so high.

There are currently four states in the United States that do not permit bail bondsmen. Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon and Wisconsin all still have bail bonds available, but 10% of the payment of the bond goes to the court system.

We make approval at Bluestar as easy as possible in many cases, but there is still a lot of risk involved with bail bonds. We take the time to calculate the total risk for each situation. This ensures that each person gets the best deal for them individually.

A Look At The Bail Schedule in Phoenix and How The Amount is Determined

All courts in Arizona have a bail schedule that is used as a starting point when determining bail for a particular case. However, the actual amount of bail a person will end up having to pay depends on a number of factors.

The judge will determine bail based on the severity of the crime, the amount of prior arrests, the overall flight risk a person poses and more.

Why Choose Bluestar Bail Bonds

For the last 20 years, we at Bluestar Bail Bonds have been helping people out of tough situations. Going to jail and having to post bail is a struggle that no one enjoys going through. We make the bail bond process as simple as possible.

A lot of companies in the area claim to be available 24/7, but we stand by our service around the clock. We encourage anyone to reach out to us at any time by phone, email or stopping by our office.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is that we can help people dealing with a legal issue in other areas as well. We specialize in the Phoenix area, but we have options throughout the United States for those people who are in need.

Finally, we provide full service in Spanish. We are one of the few companies capable of providing this option. When calling or emailing us, simply select the Spanish option.

Information about How to Track and Send Money to Local Inmates in the Phoenix Jail System

There are a number of ways for individuals to send money to inmates in the Phoenix Jail System. A person can use a vender at the storefront/walk-up, telephone, mobile app or online. There is a small fee associated with every single transaction.

Arizona transitioned to these secure payment methods years ago to cut down on potential issues. While cash can be handed over as well, this is the preferred method.

About The Phoenix Police Department

The Phoenix Police Department, formed in 1881, has seen a number of changes over the years. From humble beginnings to now being a top 10 city in the United States by population, the PHXPD works around the clock to keep the area safe.

Over 4000 employees work for the law enforcement agency, and they serve close to two million people in the area. There are 516 square miles in Phoenix, making it one of the largest agencies by land area as well.

Phoenix has a total of seven precincts. They are:

– Desert
– Black Mountain
– Cactus Park
– Mountain View
– Central City
– Maryvale-Estrella Mountain
– South

They also have a community and support services division, an investigations division, a strategic and tactical services division, a reserve division and a management services division.

Phoenix Bail Bonds
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