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After an arrest, the mind can be racing in a bunch of different directions. It seems like there are so many different things that need taken care of. Posting bail is extremely important, because no one wants to spend time sitting in a jail cell before their court date.

Since bail is pretty expensive for people to post, they often look for assistance from bail bond companies like us. In the Lubbock, Texas area, we at Bluestar Bail Bonds believe we offer the best options today. We understand that most people don’t exactly know how bail works, so we simplify the entire process to make everything easier.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a very specific type of bond paid to help a person walk free before their scheduled court date. After an arrest, law enforcement brings a person into custody and they stay there until they can post bail. Some people post bail by themselves, but a bail bond helps out those who don’t have much money to their name.

We can post bail for people as long as they’re able to put about 10% of the amount down. To back up the remaining amount of money, bail bond companies use collateral. It is returned in the end as long as a person does show up for their court date later on.

Bail bonds have been used for years to help fund conditional releases. A lot of people have relied on the opportunity to be free so that they can focus on preparing for their day in court. By being free, there are a lot of opportunities to make sure that everything is in order to have the best chance of a positive result in court.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are many different types of bail bonds, and we offer customized solutions for any person who reaches out to us. An immigration bond is something we get a lot of requests for, as well as bonds to cover misdemeanors and felonies.

We also try to be creative for people who can’t put down the 10% in order to cover bail. Maybe that means asking for more collateral, or some other creative type of method. Don’t be hesitant to ever reach out if a bail bond is needed, but the money is not there.

Bail Bond Process

We attempt to make the bail bond process as efficient as possible. The faster we make it on our end, the faster everyone is able to complete the process.

The first step is reaching out to us, and figuring out the specifics on how much money is needed to cover bail, what collateral will be used and more. The bail bond amount is issued right away by the judge, and will depend on the severity of the crime, past history, flight risk and more.

After that, we will post a bond on behalf of the individual, and that allows them to be free until their appearance in court. If bail is never posted, by law, a person must stay incarcerated until they go through the entire court process.

A bail bond acts as an assurance that an individual will come back to court. The money is paid in full to the court if the defendant does not show up on their specified day. This is why bail bond companies like us collect collateral so that we are 100% protected if this happens. There are also consequences a person will face if they do not show up, so it’s obviously advised to not do this.

If the defendant does show up for their court date, all collateral collected by us will be returned. The 10% that is paid becomes our payment for the entire process. This is standard procedure across the board, and some bail bond companies actually charge more for this service.

Local Lubbock bail schedule and the bail amounts



Why is Bluestar bail bonds better than the competition?

We feel very confident that out of all the options a person has in the Lubbock area, we are the top bail bond company out there. Not only do we have decades of experience, but we know the laws in Texas better than anyone.

There are a lot of companies offering Lubbock bail bonds, but they don’t offer the same type of customer service like us. We don’t like having a machine answer any of our calls. We understand that people want to talk to other people when they call. This is a very vulnerable time for people to be in, and we take our job seriously.

A person can face legal issues at any time of the day. A good bail bond company never completely shut their door, and that is a philosophy we believe in. No matter what time of day, we are available for help. We make sure that everything is completed in a timely manner, allowing a person to spend the shortest amount of time in jail as possible.

Not comfortable talking in English? We offer customer service in Spanish as well. This allows our customers to feel very comfortable when they are sorting everything out. No one wants to be in a situation where they are overwhelmed, and also speaking a second language.

Finally, we provide assistance for locals as well as people out of town. This is great for those people who might not be from Lubbock, even though they committed a crime here. Since we have a number of offices all around the United States, we have the ability to work with individuals easily, even if they are traveling back and forth from where they are from originally. Just be advised that there are potential travel restrictions put on some people in relation to their bail.

Information about the different Courts located in / near Lubbock, Texas

Since Lubbock is the county seat of Lubbock County, there is the county courthouse as well as municipal court for people to go to. Both offer a variety of cases with a wide range of severity. Our offices are conveniently located near both, making it very easy for us to be reached.

Information about the Jails located in / near Lubbock, Texas

The Lubbock County Detention Center is located on the northeast side of the city. It is a pretty big facility, holding a number of different inmates for different issues. It is one of the biggest detention centers in the area.

There is also a Youth Detention Center, as well as the Montford Unit in Lubbock. At the Montford Unit, the prison houses individuals in need of mental assistance is special medical issues.

Information about How to Track and Send Money to Local Inmates in the Lubbock Jail System

The jail system in Lubbock has been updated over the last few years. They have incorporated technology to make it is easier for not only security purposes, but for convenience as well.

There are some online options for people to track and send money to inmates, and that is usually viewed as the best and most efficient way to make contact. There is also the opportunity to send money but directly going to the jail and walking through the entire process in person. Someone in the office will be able to assist with the right forms that need filled out, limits on how much money can be sent and more.

Finally, there is always the opportunity to give approved money, gifts and more directly during visiting hours. This is the best way to make 100% sure that they receive the money.

Information about the different police departments located in Lubbock, Texas

The local Lubbock Police Department is responsible for roughly 250,000 people in the city. It is the 11th biggest city in Texas, They have received generally positive reviews over the years as a police department when compared to similarly-sized cities.

With Texas Tech located within the city limits, the university has its own police department that is in charge of protecting the campus. The two departments work together at times, but it adds an extra layer of security just west of downtown where the main campus is located.

For county issues, the Lubbock County Sheriff Office is in charge of everything. Outside of Lubbock, the area is very rural. There are not a lot of people living in the county outside of the city limits. They have a pretty small staff, covering some of the tiny towns scattered around like Buffalo Springs, Posey, Reese Center, Slide and more.

Lubbock Bail Bonds
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