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Conroe Bail Bonds


Nobody enjoys the process of looking for a bail bond. With that said, they are very necessary when things go wrong. It’s important to go with the right company, because it makes a sticky situation go as smoothly as possible.

As far as Conroe bail bonds are concerned, we at Bluestar Bail Bonds believe we have the best solutions available. Our reviews online prove that people trust us, and we proudly serve the area around the clock. We won’t turn anyone down initially, as well attempt to help as many people as possible, every single day of the year.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a specific type of surety bond that helps to allow a defendant to be released from jail. Once the judge sets a bail amount, the defendant has the ability to either pay on their own or seek a bail bond.

Despite there being a lot of bail bondsmen in the United States, sometimes it is very difficult for a person to find someone to trust. There are a lot of issues a person faces when trying to find a trustworthy options. Instead of going with a fly-by-night company, one that has been around for decades is the way to go.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are two distinct types of bail bonds, depending on the situation a defendant finds themselves in. It is important to know which bail bond you need before going ahead and applying for one.

Criminal bail bond

People use this in any criminal case, as a guarantee a defender will show up for trial when they are called to the court.

Civil bail bond

They reserve this for all civil cases. Guarantees the payment of that, as well as any interest and other costs thrown at the defendant.

The bail bond process

After the judge set a bail amount, the defendant must figure out a way to post it. Those Who don’t have enough money can try to find help from a bail bondsman.

A defendant must pay 10% of the bill amount to a bail bondsman at any time. After that, we can secure the rest of the amount using some sort of collateral. At Bluestar Bail Bonds, we are very flexible with the type of collateral that we accept. This makes it very easy for people to ultimately post bail.

Once bail is posted, the defendant can walk free for the time being. With that said, using a bail bond comes with responsibility. There are major consequences if the defendant does not end up showing up after we issue it.

If a defendant fails to show up for their court date, the bond becomes forefeited and the court will demand the bill for the remaining 90% still owed. That is when a defendant collateral comes in the play, as it will force us to sell your house, stocks, cars or anything of value.

If a defendant does end up showing for court, we return all collateral to the defendant. The 10% cash fee that you paid in the beginning is our profit from the transaction.

Most people will try to post bail if possible. It might be a bit of a setback financially, but it allows a person to be free for a set amount of time. No one wants to have to spend unnecessary time in a jail cell for something they maybe did not even do.

Local Conroe Bail Schedule / Bail Amounts

In Conroe, Texas, bail is similar to the rest of Montgomery county, and the Houston area for that matter. It depends on the severity of the crime a person commits, and past history as well. There are certain crimes where a person is more of a flight risk than others, so that also plays a factor.

This is the current look at the schedule. Remember that bond amounts can are always changing, so don’t take this all as being set in stone. There are always some changes here and there as well when the year flips over. Always confirm before getting the bail bond to see how much is actually needed in the end.

Capital felonies – No Bond
Murders not mentioned below – $50,000
1st degree felonies not mentioned below – $20,000
2nd degree felonies not mentioned below – $10,000
Felony DWIs that are not mentioned below – $10,000

For Repeat Offenders

Habitual – No Bond
1st degree felony, and a person has a previous conviction – $30,000
2nd degree felony, and a person has a previous conviction – $20,000
Felony DWI when also dealing with a DWI conviction – Double the bond amount for each previous felony DWI conviction.

Why should you choose Bluestar Bail Bonds?

Throughout our history in the area, we have focused on making the entire process as simplified as possible. We understand completely that nobody wants to make that call to us, because no one wants to be dealing with jail in the first place. Instead of adding more and more problems, we make this process simple.

We have a number of locations around the United States, and our reviews online pretty much speak for themselves. People love the fact that they get personalized assistance when they are working with us. Nobody has to worry about the possibility of getting overlooked as nothing more than a number.

We accept calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that when a bail bond is needed, people need it as quickly as possible. We have many different locations, so a person is never too far away to get the help they need.

Our final major selling point is that we offer as much flexibility as we possibly can. We understand that sometimes, people face bail that is next to impossible for them to post. Even with collateral, it’s a struggle to say the least. We come up with creative methods to ensure that a person can still go free while they wait for their court date.

Listing of / Information about the different Courts located in / near Conroe, Texas

Most people who come to us from Conroe had to deal with issues at A few different court rooms in the city limits. Here is a look at what to expect out of each one.

Conroe Municipal Court

If a person is facing any type of issue within the city of Conroe, this is where they will be sent. Just about all the bonds are based on the bond schedule,

Montgomery County Courthouse

For county issues, everything happens at the Montgomery Court Courthouse. About half a million people live in the county, so there is always a lot of activity going on there.

359th District Court

The 359th district court is another way people can find themselves facing an issue with the law in Conroe. Some of the charges people face in district court can be pretty serious.

Listing of / Information about the Jails located in / near Conroe, Texas

Montgomery County Jail

This county’s main jail has a number of people incarcerated every single day. It does not have a solid reputation, as people are constantly having to face one issue or another.

There is strong security at the Montgomery County Jail. It is located on the north side of town, pretty close to the detention facility that is detailed below.

Joe Corley Detention Facility

This is a location for immigration detention in the area. Many people face issues here who are not from the United States. It keeps everything in check when a person might not have the proper paperwork to continue. We offer a number of bail bond solutions for those people who are facing issues with immigration.

Information about How to Track and Send Money to Local Inmates in the Conroe Jail System

Tracking and sending money in the call real jail system works in a lot of ways like every other location in the United States. Quite a bit of it is done electronically now, and that allows for a little bit more detail in the tracking.

There is an opportunity to set up a payment either online, or visiting the jail directly. In most cases, taking care of everything in person is going to speed up the process by a day or two.

Listing of / Information about the different police departments located in Conroe, Texas

Conroe Police Department

This is the main police department in Conroe. Many people are obviously going to have ill will towards them, but they have received recognition for being a great police department in the past.

Conroe ISD Police Department

This is the school district police department. They deal with helping protect school grounds, but they also have the same power as other law enforcement agencies as well.

Conroe Bail Bonds
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