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If you are in the Arlington, Texas area and have been arrested, it was likely not your finest hour. Regardless of guilt or circumstance, you still have rights. Knowing what your rights and options are is important, and here at Bluestar Bail Bonds, we have licensed bond agents that can educate you on what can happen next.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?

While most of us have heard the terms ‘bail’ and ‘bail bonds’, the meaning is complex, and many people don’t fully understand what they mean or how they differ.

When a person is arrested for a crime, they are held in prison until a judge makes a decision. Either they remain incarcerated until their court date arrives, or they are released on their own recognizance, or a bail amount is set.

A bail amount is a set dollar amount that acts as insurance for the court that the defendant will appear in court. Most often, and depending on the severity of the crime and the defendant’s history, bonds are set at high amounts. In these kinds of cases, that is where a bail bondsman comes in, to lend the defendant funds so they can wait out their time at home with their families, rather than remaining in detention until their case has some sort of outcome.

Types of Bail Bonds

The legal system is complex, and setting bail is no exception. There are different types of bail bonds that reflect the different situations of the defendants, and there are two main distinctions between bail bond types: criminal bail bonds and civil bail bonds.

Criminal Bond

A criminal bail bond relates to criminal cases and acts as insurance that the defendant will appear for their trial when the court sets a date. It also secures payment for penalties/fines that the defendant is penalized with.

Civil Bond

A civil bail bond pertains to civil cases; it guarantees the payment of the defendant’s debt, plus interest and any related costs.

Bail Bond Process

When a bail bond amount is set, it is done so by a judge. When a defendant doesn’t have the liquid funds to pay the set amount, which is most often the case, that is where the help of a bail bondsman comes in.

In order to use the services of a bail bondsman, most often, the defendant has to pay the bondsman 10-percent of the bail amount fee. Once the pre-determined portion is secured, the bondsman secures the rest of the bail amount as collateral. In the event that the defendant doesn’t have enough collateral, a bondsman will often approach the friends and family of the defendant to see if they can raise the funds to cover the bail.

Quite often, an extra cash payment, plus the full collateral amount is required for the bail bond to be posted. If the defendant appears in court on their date, once the court case is complete and a verdict has been reached, the bail bond dissolves, and collateral is given back to whomever posted it. The bail bondsman will keep the 10-percent cash fee as their profit.

If the defendant fails to appear in court when they are supposed to, the bail bond is forfeited, and the court requires that the remaining 90-percent of the bail is paid immediately. In these situations, the bail bondsman will use the defendant’s assets to pay the court the rest of the bail. Assets include property, jewelry, stocks, vehicles, etc.

Bail Amounts/Bail Schedule in Arlington, Texas

Many laws vary from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When it comes to being arrested in Arlington County, Texas, the accused will generally be processed at the local Arlington County Jail. In order to be released from jail, some procedures have to be followed.

The defendant will be booked into jail, a judge will set bail based on the severity of the crime and the details of the individual situation. Once the bail amount is set and confirmed, a bail bondsman will come to the jail to post the bail bond. At that point, the release process can begin; it is most often very fast and takes from one-to-two hours to complete.

While cash bonds are accepted, due to the high amount of most bail bonds, they are most often not paid in cash.

Why Choose Bluestar Bail Bonds?

While there are numerous bail bond companies to choose from in the state of Texas and throughout the States, not all provide the same level of service.

Bluestar Bail Bonds is regarded as an industry leader due to their procedural and service-oriented approach. They are know to provide their clients with 100-percent attention until their situation is resolved, and the Bluestar Bail Bonds team is made up of licensed bail bond agents that have a wealth of experience in a number of legal areas.

The Bluestar team understands how stressful being arrested can be, and they understand how quickly defendants want to get out of jail and return to their families. Not only is Bluestar rated the number-one bail bond company in the States, they have 20-plus years of experience with helping people get out of jail and securing collateral for them.

At Bluestar, they are connected with an extensive bonds company network that works in collaboration with the majority of local jails, sub-stations, and courts; this ensures that defendants receive the quickest service possible for the most affordable rates in the industry.

Bluestar is also known as one of the most helpful bail bond companies as they provide on-demand financing to help those without liquid funds or assets come up with the collateral necessary.

Courts Located in Arlington, Texas

If you are arrested in or near Arlington County, Texas, or someone you love is arrested and accused of a crime, you are likely to move through the Municipal Court of Arlington County Courthouse or the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. Depending on your case or the case of your loved one, you will be sent to civil court, criminal court, family court, juvenile court, probate court, or justices of the peace.

Jails of Arlington, Texas

Most often, arrests in or near Arlington means being immediately taken to an Arlington County jail for processing. Defendants will either end up at the Arlington Police Department Jail in Dallas County, the Arlington City Jail located in Tarrant County, the Pantego, Texas Police jail, Richland Hills, Texas Police jail, Euless, Texas Police jail, or the Grand Prairie, Texas Police jail.

How to Send Money to Inmates in the Arlington Jail System

When you have a loved one in prison, it can be a constant worry. You want to know where they are, how they are doing, send things like money, photos, books, magazines to them to show them someone on the outside is thinking about them and to help their time go by quicker and be as enjoyable as possible.

When it comes to sending money to an inmate in the Arlington Jail system, every facility has their own set or rules and regulations. It is good to inquire as to the rules of the institution your loved one is in before attempting to send money. In some cases, money can be dropped off via a lobby window in a visitation room.

If in-person cash drops are not permitted, online banking can allow you to directly deposit money into an inmate’s account. In these instances, you will need to find out which online transfer companies the institution works with. Some facilities impose deposit limits on inmates’ accounts. In order to complete an online money transfer to an inmate in the Arlington Jail system, you will need the following information: the inmate’s full name, ID number, and location, or use the federal BOP.

Moneygram is a money transfer firm that is trusted by most institutions when it comes to inmate money transfers.

Something to consider and be aware of is that if your incarcerated loved one owes legal penalties or fines, that money will be garnered from their bank account, so if you are transferring money into the account of an inmate who has not yet paid any fines/penalties they owed for their crimes, that money might not make it to them.

Tracking an Inmate Incarcerated in Arlington, Texas

When it comes to finding out exactly where an inmate is in Arlington Texas, the Arlington County Detention Centre publishes the names of their prisoners, and this can easily be accessed through the online InmateAid Inmate Search. You can also conduct an arrest record search for a small fee.

The websites for Arlington jails allow people to conduct individual inmate searches with the inmates first and last name, their inmate identification number, and their date of birth. You can also phone the prison to check on the status of an inmate. If either of those methods don’t produce results, you can complete a Texas State Prisoner Search online.

If you are arrested in Arlington County, the Arlington County Police Department will process you and hold you until a bail amount is set. If your bail amount is more than you can afford to pay, consider enlisting the help of a Bluestar Bail Bonds bail agent to assist with your Arlington bail bonds to get you home to your family as quickly as possible.

Arlington Bail Bonds
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