Action Bail Bonds

Action Bail Bonds

Action might not have the same history in Houston as some of the others, but they can be traced back to the late 1980s. That is when Action Bail Bonds owner John McCluskey first got into the bonding business in Dallas. He then formed Action Bonds in a small town in West Texas in 1993, and that led to eventually opening up a location in the Houston area.

Houston residences should expect a small town feel from Action Bail Bonds. Instead of being just another number, the focus is on customers. Each person gets a very specific payment plan, and constant care throughout the entire process.

The bilingual staff can handle anything that a person might be in trouble with. Facing a misdemeanor? It is easy to get the proper bail posted. Immigration issues? This is something that Action Bail Bonds has been helping with for over 20 years.

Action Bonds also benefit from having a very convenient office location. They are very close to the criminal courthouse and jail in Houston. This makes it very convenient for people who need assistance quickly and don’t want to do things over the phone. While clients can contact the company over the phone, it is always a faster process when done in person.

Action Bail Bonds
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